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Scroll: Enchant Cloak (VS) Scroll: Enchant Cloak – Legendary

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Hi all,

Is this 2 item the same?

The event page is misleading.


I I see players selling/buying <Scroll: Enchant Cloak>

But I simply can't find such item in game. No player selling or buying.



Then the best part is.

I saw this Ancient Cloak - Legendary, which is not in the event page...............

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Scroll: Enchant Cloak - Legendary

Ancient Cloak Enchant Scroll

Scroll: Enchant Cloak

those are the scrolls you are looking for. all on the event page :)

Scroll: Enchant Cloak is for enchant 0-10 and Legendary is for 10-20. Ancient Cloak Scrolls have higher enchant rate


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