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Greedy Treasure Chest

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I know that these boxes slowly add more items to the economy even if they might or might not be farmed by the same few people, however, I was thinking what would be your opinion about making the items dropped by the treasure chests bound to the account, at least the items from the 110 treasure chest in order to give a better opportunity for new/returning players to catch with something so small yet needed.


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I think a good way to improve the greedy chests would be to make them a bit like other previous chests,  you click on it to enter an instance where you need to kill one of 3 chests for a drop, the instance would have a timer of 7 days, so the same character couldn't get more than one chest a week, this way more people could access to those rewards in a fair way,  that wouldn't require much programmation from devs. And I am sure it would be way more fair this way. I hope my suggestion will be seen by @Jujior @Hime.

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