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Wild Horizons Arrives LEAKS

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Hello! ladies and gentleman!

Since we are waiting so long for the official news of the new update, I will post here some possible events. let's discuss about!


as our staff once announced that the devs are korean, probably a lot would come from there to our server, but as the korean server is very far from NA, the news would take time to arrive, but due to the speed of updates in NA / JP / RU seems that they want to leave all the servers with the same update of the Korean as soon as possible, I will release here some topics of the possible new update.



possible one of next things of new update:


now look at the update date:



a comparison with what will be added in the next update and has already been confirmed








and possibly the PKs will be released to teleport by GK / My Teleport in the coming weeks, due to the radical change in penalty,  since no server has this teleport penalty, only in North America.




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