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Enough with the nonsense. You broke the last good option in purchasing spirt ore at a decent price. Your “Consumables Bunde“ (Bunde) is not a typo that’s how it is written in the L2 Coin Shop. Makes players waste more money than needed. I do not use shots on my supports but now you are forcing me to do so. You do not open new areas to farm adena for players, yet you keep making players spend adena on items they do not need. Why?  Quit it already. Kill it and add an option to buy adena from the NC Store and stop with the nonsense. You cannot do any of the higher-level hunting zone without shots or spirt ore so just let the players decide. Save players the time and money it takes running different groups just support their mains. I for one do not believe in filling the pockets of botters or RMTers. You keep making adena sinks but players cannot effectively generate enough adena. Make this an option!

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Put Adena for sale on the NC Store. Kill the RMTer and botters, why keep feeding them cash? If you put Adena in the NC Store you will cut down on RMT and botters and make players life that much easier. Why wait for events to drain players of their money? Just always have it there for them. That is what most players do anyways. They buy event items and setup sale shops to sell right back to RMTer and botters. Cut the middleman out. You will increase your company's profits. People setup macro groups to farm Adena to support their mains. So why not let people who have the cash but not the time, the ability to just straight out buy the Adena from the store? It's a win, win for both the player and your company. There will be less congestion in farming zones and create a less toxic environment. Right now, you have RMTers and botters taking up most of the "Good Adena Farming Zones" I say let them have it. I will just get my cash from the store and go exp, pvp, and or do raids instead of having to watch (baby) macro groups.




Here are some examples of how having Adena in the NC store would benefit your company and players with cash to spend.




Say I am feeling lucky and I want to blow 1 billion on random crafting, where will I get the funds? Surely not from farming it. If you put Adena in the store, I could just go and buy 1 billion and go to town on random crafting.




I go on vacation and did not get a chance to participate in a event to sell items and I didn't have macro groups going while I was gone, guess what not only did I not make any Adena, but 10 of 10 times I also lost my macro groups hunting spot. If the NC Store had Adena for sale, I would not have to worry, I would just buy it from the store and go back to enjoying the game.




If I had the ability to purchase Adena from the NC store, I would purposely buy my consumables from towns that do not collect taxes for the RMTers / Botters. I would not care if it was more expensive, but at least I would not be contributing to their in-game monopoly.




The list goes on and on ......




This game is Pay to Play and Pay to Win, I do not care what anybody says it’s the truth.




Give me the whole Vegas experience (Winner winner chicken dinner), this is what the game has become ...  a big casino for grownups it is the cold fact.


Only people that would not benefit from this are  RMTer and botters .

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