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They already realized that the Olympics favor those who hit harder, because time is short, and those who have better skills, in this case Feoh for example, in the past the Feohs always used their teleportation skills to evade opponents, but then NCsoft created a absurdly powerful skill for the Feohs, an aura that absorbs 95% and 5% of the damage is consumed by mana, of course the skill consumes 50 MP, but with so many items that it decreases MP consumption and with Feoh's ability to sacrifice HP for MP, this makes a Feoh much more tanke than the tanke himself in putting up with a beating, but with a differential, it is the class with one of the biggest damages of the game. Not to mention the absurd amount of items that were created that ultimately increase the damage of all DDs, etc., items that even increase the damage of the supports, but not for them to have chances with a Feoh for example with their ability to absorb 95% of the damage. 

I'll give you some ideas, suggestions on that:

1 - The skill that consumes HP to increase Feoh's MP, it has a short reuse, and with items that decrease reuse, Feoh ends up having advantages, so it is to increase the reuse of this skill, or to make the HP consumed for convert to MP is very large, around 2,500 HP to recover the MP that would recover what he already recovers, it is a way for the player if forced to create strategy, the tanke is not full of conditions, if using Reise Shield or Focus Shield you cannot use certain skills, if you use UD, you cannot activate other defense skills, if you use Protection of Faith you will be without using another skill for 2 minutes, this only happens with Sigel Knight, I do not see these absurd conditions in another class.

2 - When we enter the Olympics, we see the opponent's CP and we see the opponent's HP, but we don't see the opponent's MP, as then we have a class that has a damage-absorbing ability and the little it takes consumes MP , then we have the right to see the MP of the guy too, to know how much MP he has, because hiding the MP, this gives Feoh advantages for example.

3 - There are players who have class that hide, these skills alone in the Olympics are super advantageous, because the time that they are missing gives them enormous advantages, because then they attack when they have little time to finish and win in damages, I understand that there are items that remove the hide, but for that you need to get close, which is complicated, so NCsoft has to solve this, I believe that these skills can contain enchantments to increase Hide time, I know that Othell depends on it, but it's an absurd advantage, and that goes for archers too, you have to see a way to change that.

4 - Decrease the reuse time of the two UDs of Sigel Knight, until today I do not understand the reason why this ability of Sigel has reuse for 15 minutes, is not a powerful skill, because an Evicerator with its damage ability activated can drain and kill Sigel fast, and 15 minutes is a very long time, Sigel is the class where your defensive skills have the most time, and one of them gives you a debuff where you are prevented from using another skill, and there are two more skills where you are prevented from using shield skills or you remove the buff, and I ask, which class has so many conditions? And I ask NCsoft, why does Sigel have these conditions that make the class very stuck. Maybe the Protection of Faith skill will start buffing you from using another skill there, Nine Aegis due to partying in PVP, only that it hurts Sigel in PVP one vs one and NCsoft didn't notice it?

5 - Players, as they are chosen to fight, a hero most of the time score more by fighting players who are extremely weaker than them, so they often do not score points because they are or know how to play well, but why they are extremely equipped that take players extremely well equipped, in my opinion it should change the way opponents are chosen, I will give an example, proximity to lvl + proximity to points already acquired + special factor, hero, that is, if several heroes are registering the system will recognize and put them to fight each other always, if there are no heroes the system will make the factor of lvl + points already acquired, a person with a score of 100 points cannot get a person with a score of 30 points for example, but with a close score +

6 - Items purchased in the store can no longer be used in the Olympics, for example, capes, stones there special and etc., only items that you craft and obtained the basis of the quests, such as exalted, dragon weapons and etc. can no longer be used in the Olympics.



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