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Can I use a keyboard macro to speed up my targeting like every archer on the server does?

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@Hime @Juji

After a battle with support and sending multiply tickets to drag out a clear YES or NO I drew a blank and they keep beating around the bush. Their latest, but still no clear YES or NO, reply is:



To answer your inquiry, NCSoft does not support any use of third-party programs, such as macros that gives advantage over other players and it is against the games policy.

When I go Storm Isle, Primeval Isle, Field of Crisis, Isle of Souls or see a stream of e.g. ExeQu7or every single spot is filled with archers that have inhuman fast retargeting speed. Even the in game auto hunt system doesn't retarget that fast, nor does an in game macro with /nexttarget 2 /delay 0. So it's clear they using out of game assistance.

I have done some test myself and using a keyboard macro and on with the macro assisting me in retargeting my income doubles and even triples on some spots.

I dig through the EULA several times and there is nothing mentioned about it.

So what's the deal?

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in Core Server they said it's ok to use macro keyboard or mouse. don't know if this applies here too. but there are several videos on youtube where you can see the use of such hardware macros... if you want i post some videos of ppl using this :)

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1 hour ago, Slycutter said:

Your not going to get a statement, just do what you have to just don't mention it or here or in game.

Isn't the whole point of support to give clear YES or NO answers on simple cases like this. And they didn't. They always refer to forums to discuss things like this or just anything patch related, but than on forums nobody @Juji@Hime@PhoenixMitrareplies to it. At least back in the 'good old days' when there was an issue addressed on forum or a simple question like this being asked Neutron, Sace, Omega, Spam, Buster replied and gave a clear answer.

Now... It's guessing, seeing people using stuff that might be fishy, fellow players recommending just to go with it. While real bug reports, questions about functionality etc. are being ignored when clearly things have been adjusted without being mentioned in any patch/maintenance notes.

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18 hours ago, Slycutter said:

Your not going to get a statement, just do what you have to just don't mention it or here or in game.

The thing is to the OP the support team said it's a bannable offense....

@PhoenixMitra since it seems you are the only active person left on this forum, talk to us.

Or is only "editing/removal" of posts your lvl of competence?


What sense makes it to have a Official Forum, if questions from the playerbase to the Official NCW Team isn't answered?

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