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Compensation for used XP and SP wrapped packs

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  • Hi. 7 days ago i used "XP Rune III (Lv. 1-100+) 200% 7 days wrapped pack. After 2 days connectivity issue starts and "The server client will be closed? <5>" message comes when i want enter to game. Yesterday at night i can entered game at last and saw only 5 hours left from that XP RUNE. When i used that packed i want to level up to 105 but for issue impossible to farm any xp. I used my 2nd xp pack today. Bu i need 5 days xp buff restoration.
    Also i used "SP Rune III (Lv. 1-100+) 200% 7 days wrapped pack" for event. and only 1 days left from that pack.
    Please give me 5 days xp and 5 days Sp buff pack compensation. İ really need that buffs for leveling fast. İ hope you will give xp and sp buffs to me.

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    GM Eri
    • 7 hours ago

    After reviewing your request, we have verified that the used Rune is not eligible for restoration due to the server lag. Unfortunately, we will be unable to provide assistance in this case. However, if you think compensations are necessary on this particular issue, I would advise you to please post your suggestion on our Official Forums as the Community Team gathers all information and forwards it to the Development Team for consideration.
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1 hour ago, XxxErMaCxxX said:

I want to know why they dont restore anything to me? it is not my fault.


  • If an item is not eligible for a restoration, the NCSOFT Support Team will let you know in response to your request.
  • The NCSOFT Support Team reserves the right to make exceptions depending on the context of the request, and the standing of the requester's account.
  • The NCSOFT Support Team reserves the right to deny a restoration/resealing/transfer request, even if the item was eligible to be restored/resealed/transferred in the past.

Basically they say contact us to determine if an Item is eligible... but we can change our mind at our discretion(even if an Item was allowed/denied in the past, it does not mean we will repeat the same decision.) If the Items were NCoin purchased I'd guess they might be more inclined to restore... and Items gained from an Event, or given out as Appreciation/Compensation pack would be more likely refused.

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I got the same responses asked Juji to look into it, also lost days on my destiny pack.

never mind none of us got any golden balls so other people who didn't lose much were compensated but people that lost more weren't  that makes  sense said no customer service rep ever.

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i never had problem with support xd, mean i do not agree with all answers and hiding customer support agent under some unknown nick not real name which is not professional in my opinion, but they not bad at all.

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