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Wings Of Splendor Trade Status

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I think the game would get a big boost if all the levels of Wings Of Splendor were trabeable as opposed to only Level 4 and above. This would spur on more interest in a very cool, new item, making the market more active, and giving players more opportunities to get this fun item. 

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I think the fact 1 guy can get lucky and have all 7 upgrades successful while another guy can be unlucky  and fail 7 in a row is just wrong.  Where is the "game" in that?  I'm not sure any aspect of this game makes any sense any more.  You shouldn't have to gamble every upgrade to try to keep up w/ pvp.   1 gets lucky and can 1 shot the guy who got unlucky and lost like a trillion adena and has a level 1 to show for it as he lay dead. 

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