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25 minutes ago, PrincessLayla said:

Well, since no1 is asking, i will... Could some1 give the lications of the chests? Especially in the low level areas... 

Thnx for helping!

Cheers 😁💯

no because it is secret :) You must play "Hide and Seek" with tons of watchers and after "Fast and Furious" with watcher owners to be first on place and kill bloody chest.

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They do not have fixed locations, they spawn in 105+ areas every 12(+/-4 i think) hours within regular mob groups. All these areas are overcrowded with cameras (toons that stay in the middle of nowhere and ping their owner if a box is found, usually using a bot program, for which no-one is doing anything) so you have to be extremely lucky to find a greedy chest alive and even luckier if you are allowed to kill it. If you are low geared it is nearly impossible to kill it in time as it has crazy hp recovery rate and you will be eventually ganked and out-dpsed (if not pked). Since the chests appeared in the game, I have killed 1 during afk hunting (I just noticed the drop on my inventory the next morning) and found 3 boxes during actively searching with my dwarfie. The one I managed to kill uncontested, the second I was contesting with a panther from an afk party, and the third I was contesting with a low geared evis and an iss that came to the party later. Last hit wins apparently so I managed to win the first and the second but on the third I was not lucky. Since then, more than a week has passed and have not seen any box, but more cameras...

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