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Welcome Back event// new patch

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Hello, everyone. This a special post for the staff @Juji @Hime

 I think we all are tired of playing a game which we love with our any improvements, this week we have one more quiting wave on both classic servers, is time. WE MUST CHANGE. 

first point) we need a welcome back event for players who have been not playing lately, try to get them back ? How to do that ? Not hard, make an event which give them the possibility to get some weapon-armor tickets to get a decent A grade Gear on their accounts, it could be doing some daily quest or whatever. We need PEOPLE back! 
second) we need a new EMERGENCY PATCH. this patch u guys made is completely USELESS, Also the Castle event is an INSULT for us, which monthly pay REAL MONEY to keep our VIP levels. 
we need a patch including

NEW FARMING ZONES, at the moment we have a complete map useless, most of the people are lvl 80+ and only can farm in a couple sites, why about making ABG, blazing Swamp, Elven ruins, etc zones that NOBODY use lvl 80+ and make them worth to farm some items and get a little XP, the map is DEAD. 
SUBCLASES: is time to get the subclass and noblesse system on. 
OLYMPIADS: is time to go back to the monthly Hero system with new HERO WEAPONS, make it worth to play OLYS. 
Castle sieges: well it depends , or you guys merge the servers or make the dimensional sieges. 
guys take it seriously, this a business you guys are running and IS NOT WORKING. if you are not able to fix this details, guys... Is time to you QUIT and let ncsoft hire people who DO CARE about this. 
please guys, reply this post with ideas and let’s make this game playable AGAIN. 

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I agree. We need more attention, show us that u guys are working on it or at least that u are reading our inputs on this matter.

Please, stop being silent about it, comment so we know our GM are active and looking for solutions.


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