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They can remove the 2 first rows & dragon jewelry & authority ornament.

Seen a couple of people opening boxes by now and no one got any of the above mentioned items.

Mostly 99.9% of the items from boxes are the 8 last items.

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@Juji @Hime

Do you think that is a fair use of over $700?

You should turn yourselves in to the FBI for stealing from ppl not just across the USA bur WW.

This is not even greed anymore, it is a scam pure and simple.

Jesus Christ!


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3 hours ago, TEVAS said:

I opened 525 boxes


1 shiny protection

134 protection things

200ish storm scrolls

115ish shiny dragon pots

Stage 2/2/3 protection tali full item

44 rune stones

90ish angel necklas boxes

60ish angel earring boxes



I made the stage 3 into an 8 and crashed it to 5, I'll sell everything else. I don't use a protection tali


The small loot table was deceiving. Shame on me.  Too bad deton purple wasn't in this box, naia is almost out of them. 


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