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Hex enchantment option for skills

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Since the class specific threads do not have so much visibility, I am adding my question also here :P

Shilen Templar here and I have started enchanting my skills and I am wondering about the hex option. It mentions +x% on pdef but it is not clear if this is permanent passive boost or trigger or whatever, or if it affects the mobs. I added 1 enchantment on my Vanishing Stun but I do not see any change on my pdef stat. Added also 6 levels in superior aggression aura but not sure if it had any effect.

Any hints?


Thank you

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I am ghost sentential  and I have hex passive on my bullseye.  When the skill lands it adds the hex effect to the skill on the target.  So for example my bullseye and mass bullseye have  +11 hexes on them.  So I get the -60% bow resistance debuff on my target and its lowers than pdef -5% on top of that.

Now it does stack with other people's hexs also.  So stay you have a stun with hex -5% and I hit with my bullseye with -5% then that target has -10% pdef.

So hex is a debuff not a buff.  On the flip side you have buffs that can be enchanted from buffers and healers, for example my Dominator buff slave has Paagrio fist enchanted +11 for +Pdef and gives me +5% pdef while the buff is up.  Same with my healer that has range resistance enchanted +11 for +patk and gives me +5% patk and mass mana gain +11 that gives me +5% mdef.  Stacking buffs skills and equipment augments and passives is what make this game and the person xp faster and harder to kill in pvp.  As people said before just having a great weapon or great armor does not make you a monster anymore.

Never personally played a tank at high level had a ST when you could have 3 dual classes but never an awakened one.

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