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Summoner Class - Elemental Master and Others

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Can you please check the "Servitor Balanced Life" skill when playing this character in Baylor and other RB instances.  The skill will not automatically engage while playing and in some cases can not be "pressed/clicked".  There has always been "glitchey" play for this class in the RB instances.  

Can you also please check the p/m atk for the summons of all classes with summons?  They need a boost.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

- M


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The skill "Servitor Balanced Life"  is not functioning properly in Forrest of Mirrors either.  It stutters or lags to auto engage.  Can you fix this skill's auto engaging trouble?

Also, when a summons dies, the beast shots show they are "turned on" when they are re-summoned but they are not turned on.  You have to right click the auto beast shots, turn the beast shots off and "reapply or reactivate/turn them back on".     

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Nothing works for this class, but to add to the new glitches you mentioned, recently mass servitor heal is not healing pets at all... it sometimes triggers heal, but in most cases it doesn't  (I mainly use it in the Castilla instance, didn't feel like testing it elsewhere). Anyway....

I have lost all hope you will do anything to fix this class, so at least finally make the main class change service available to us so I can change to something useful and forget about all the frustration I have had with a wynn throughout the years.

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