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my suggestions?

1) there are still plenty of areas for levels 20, 30, 40.... up to 80... who needs them? you could replace them with exp zones for levels 100 - 110

2) return to diversify the classes, please. today an iss is worth the other, minimal differences and often insignificant, the same thing for the healer, but also for the tyrr... same skills, same mastery, only the ertheia diversify, at least until you decide to make them more boring.
3) give back a sense to dwarves, spoilers and crafters

4) add quests for tattoos, and spoilers for enchant, tattoos.

allow those who do not want to buy from the store to still get certain items with spoil, craft and so on do not affect the profits from the l2store ... simply in game -> hard life, l2store -> easy life ... currently many things in game are simply not possible ... 

+ players + store 

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