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New castle siege mechanics or old unknown possibility?

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Hey people!

Siege tomorrow!

Did you know its possible to successfully cast imprint of light/darkness in two different castles during one siege?

I know right? It sounds like fake news basing on our experience through all previous years of playing.

But you see, during previous siege, one clan that at first had rune, eventually got goddard. It proved, that actually if we couldn't ever take more than 1 Castle on the same siege, it means that we had it bugged!

At least that what I got told in my ticket where I asked to explain why it was possible to take 2 different castles on one siege.

Try it!

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I saw it on Chronos in the reset siege clan took one castle and ended up with another castle when it all send and done.

This changes a lot and makes it even harder for less pvp geared clans to even wink at a castle siege again

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