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NCsoft decided to disclose all the probability of'probability-type items' in games such as Lineage
“We are in a hurry to prepare for the release in the first half of the year.”
Kim Jae-seop, Senior Reporter, The Hankyoreh
March 14, 2021 at 14:31 KST
NCsoft office building in Pangyo, Gyeonggi-do
NCsoft office building in Pangyo, Gyeonggi-do

NCsoft has decided to disclose the probabilities of all probabilistic item products, including the so-called'Double Draw' (Complete Gacha), within the first half of the year. Nexon revealed the probability of the probability item product in the Maple Story game, using expressions that did not fit the user's eye level, such as'random' and'equal', and blocked some of the grades that could be achieved with the probability item product. 'Or'fraud' is an action that came amid controversy. It is noteworthy whether the demand for regulation of probable item products in the game, which is growing due to the so-called'Maple Story Incident', can be silenced. It attracts attention as to whether other game companies such as Netmarble will follow and how it will affect the overall game industry.

“Everything that has not been disclosed in the meantime is disclosed”
At a meeting with the <Hankyoreh> on the 14th, an executive of NCsoft said, “Of the probability of probabilistic item products in all games such as Lineage and Blade and Soul, the combination of paid and free, paid and paid, etc. He said, “We are in a hurry to prepare work with the aim of revealing it within the first half of the year,” he said. The official said, “The probability manipulation and fraud controversy triggered by the Maple Story crisis has grown to a point where it is difficult to respond. He explained the background of the decision to disclose by revealing the probability of the decision.

Another official of NCsoft said, "As a result of the internal review, it was found that there was no subject for manipulation or controversy about fraud. However, I am worried that I will receive criticism that the probability was set too low." Until now, NCsoft game users have mainly pointed out that "the probability of probabilistic item products seems to be too low." In response, NCsoft said, “The probability is relative depending on the type of game and the user's ability to use the game. Fun, difficulty, and impact on sales are tailored to a balance (balancing). The low probability doesn't mean it's only viewed as bad.”

 Like giving out 10 years of game development know-how?
In the game, probabilistic item products are simply made and sold in the form of a'lucky box'. It is a business model that maximizes sales while adding a so-called'drawing' format to make users feel more thrilled. It was introduced in the mid-2000s and is now adopted in almost all multi-access role playing games (MMORPG). In the beginning, controversy arose because the probability of each item being selected was not disclosed. In accordance with the guidelines of the Game Autonomy Organization consisting of game companies, the probability of paid items has been disclosed since 2015. Suspicions such as “the same” were also constant. In addition, the voice of regulation of probability-type items has also increased.

Since then, the government and the politicians are trying to strengthen regulations on probability-type items and game companies have continued to hide and seek. Laws to regulate probabilistic item products as speculative or gambling behavior have been proposed one after another. A method of maximizing sales has been sought by adding additional products in the form of a double draw in which a probability-type option is added to a probability-type item product. This means that probabilistic item products have evolved into higher-order equations driven by strengthening regulations.

Domestic game companies have been protesting against the request for complete disclosure of probability-type item probability, saying, "It is the same as to disclose 10 years of game development know-how and secrets." The probability figure is a point and environment where the game's fun and sales can be maximized at the same time, and it is said to be the crystal of the game development know-how. We are also concerned about the possibility of'fake' service providers who abuse the published probability figures.

Kim Taek-jin, founder and CEO of NCsoft, also attended as a witness to the state administration in 2018, commenting on the criticism of driving probabilistic item product games into speculative games. Spectrality refers to a game where money can be obtained through luck. However, Lineage doesn't get any money for a fluke. Do not bet. What users get is a game item. It is wrong to compare it with lottery tickets,” he publicly refuted.

“It could be an opportunity to diversify and popularize the game market”
The target and scope of additional disclosure of probabilistic item products in the game, which are known to be in preparation by NCsoft, exceeds industry expectations. Previously, Nexon announced a schedule for additional disclosure of probability-type item products only for MapleStory, and did not include some products, such as adding free to the fee. Foreign games do not even follow the guidelines of the Game Autonomous Policy Organization.

On the background of changing the policy toward full disclosure, an NCsoft executive said, “I decided that by holding on, I could lose something bigger. "We will find a way to prevent the game's fun and sales from diminishing through probability disclosure." In the game industry, concerns have been raised that the ``payment cap'', which had been previously introduced due to the Maple Story incident and was eased in 2019, may be reinforced or regulations such as ``game addiction disease'' may be introduced.

There is also an analysis that sees the strengthening of regulations on probabilistic item products as the process of popularizing the game industry. A former game company chief executive said, “Game users are rapidly spreading to all classes, including their 50s and 60s, mothers and housewives. In the course of the Corona 19 pandemic, this trend has been further strengthened. According to this, the communication target and eye level of game and game companies should change, and NCsoft is one step ahead,” he evaluated.

Some point out that the domestic game industry, which is focused on PC and mobile games, can be an opportunity to diversify into console games. In a talk with the <Hankyoreh>, the team leader of a large game company said, “Game companies have mid- to long-term growth plans to expand their fish-mobile-oriented game business to console games. It is to make it possible to enjoy cart riders and lineages with the X(X) box and the Playstation. This can be accelerated.” In fact, unlike Korea and Southeast Asia, console games are more popular in the US, Japan, and Europe, and the global console game market is larger than fish and mobile games.


Senior Reporter Kim Jae

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Keep in mind that's mostly directed to the Korean reality where the backlash is an issue right now. (mostly because there might be some government reactions)
Although we might benefit from some of this changes (if the enchants are public in Korea you will have access to it here by visiting the Korean site) most of the possible changes like loot box chances (that are already available in Korea) and some other enchant rates that are still secret, might not get here as it would affect sales and they really not being forced to do here.

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It is a step for korea and NC soft for transparency, honesty and so that players are informed and less in the blur. NC soft took this decision, on the weight of the competent authorities, the government, associations, some game publishers, and of course that of the players, and has not reached us yet at NC West. On this subject they are late, compared to China, Japan and some European countries, but better late than never. This decision should extend to us logically, and hoping that all the game publishers who have this mechanism also follow and respect their commitments.

Don't forget these are probabilities,  and the fact that NC soft inform us,  can make them increase chance rates, so more chance of getting good items, more players purchases.

The questions are whether...
It will change the way you play or spend... it remains to be seen !

In any case it will give us the choice because we will be informed,

The surprise, unforeseen effect must be maintained to stimulate the players.

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