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Doombringer help stupid pve

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Hi can Someone help me gett my setup right.  I like to Know what AP setup is good . And item i need . Go for crit dmg or skill crit dmg . And so on . Got bloddy 12 . And +8r99 armor  and the rest is standar gear.  I think i god low dmg and like to gett more .. ty i taket all info i can 

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Alright dude so the best way to use a doombringer is to use rush impact to pull a bunch of monsters. You them stun them with eruption and you try to get your bladeslasher to hit on the most monsters possible. At one point I was soloing whole rooms of monsters because they can never touch you bcuz there stunned. I would recommend using skill crit and skill dmg SA'S you might need a good aquamarine maybe even men/luck dyes so that you do not run out of mana. Doombringers are lacking in single target dmg due to not having a 30-35% dmg increase cooldown. They have good mdef due to soul barrier >> no other tyrr has that. To pull whole rooms of monsters it takes a little bit of patience and a good heavy set and good management of your cooldowns. Always remember to run in a circle to group all the monsters up try to keep 1 monster out of that group to sort of rush impact to the monsters then rush impact back into the group of monsters using blade slasher whe never its up.


As for ability points crit dmg crit chance instead of regular patk stuff. Ability points should be pretty easy.


Gl man !!



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