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Summoner Spell: Spirit Sharing - what does it actually do?

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It sounds like it gives me some buffs (e.g. P. Atk +4%), but it also says transfers master's enhanced skills to Servitor.  What skills?

It's a really hard spellbook to find (and one I saw was costly) - as a newbie I don't want to be spending all my adena if its not a good skill.

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Spirit sharing is a must-have book for summoners, in its final level it gives % boost to P.Attk, M.Attk, Attk Speed and Casting Speed, ant the Enchanted skill transfer is transferring your stats to the pet. And it stacks wtith Later servitor Share that transfer the overenchant properties of your gear to the pet (Increased HP/MP/PDef from armor, Dmg and ss dmg from Weapon, MDef and Abilities from jewels and epic boss jewels, also stats from special gear)


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