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Search for active clan leaders - Server Giran

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Hello everybody.

I'm looking for all the clan leaders, who are not satisfied with the number of bots on the server, or even the lack of response from the staff regarding this, or some other irregularities that we know, such as not punishing the Pk characters, and many other things much questioned in the forum, please look for me. Send me Pm inGame or here in the Forum.

I have an idea to get some improvements, but we need to talk.

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To the leaders of Clans and Players, who are dissatisfied with several problems pointed out here on the forum, and that we have been waiting for answers for a long time, this post is for all of you, I had an idea that through it it will be possible to conquer these solutions or at least one answer for each one of them.
But for this I need to talk to you, to explain how it will work to achieve this.

If you are dissatisfied with something that has already been claimed on the forum and has not been resolved, look me up, let's change that.

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18 hours ago, Brynhildrr said:

+1 I agree with you Case!


Let's fix the server!



Very good! Thanks

We need to achieve some improvements and we need to organize ourselves for that.

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