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Why Amazon NCoin Sale Discount USA only ?


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@Juji @Hime please make it very clear it's for USA residents only and on that note also please explain why is that so when majority of your player base is not actually USA.

for other non USA players like me a warning to not bother try buy them as not even with USA Amazon Gift Cards you can do so as still requires a delivery/billing address in USA which you don't see until you're going through the actual payment process and that will trigger anti fraud at check out when your logged IP location doesn't match the entered address information

a special thanks to who ever at NCWest came up with this promo as that person owes me 80$ ;)




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if real then NC removed the USA shipping only restriction which is good for you but lame for me as they got my amazon account blocked

then again good for my wallet as the 80$ was just to see how it would work or not (my bad for not testing with the lowest possible amount I know) and was going to buy 10x that much but with my account blocked I won't bother anymore

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