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Anyone know that those artifact that I equip will provide the indicated stats.. like +2% Vampire Rage... +3% heal...etc. EVEN its yet to complete the whole set.

It's seems a MAJOR BOOST if u deck up with artifacts..

Any +3 only cost like 2 to 6 bil.

To equip all is not expensive at all

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The best way to equip artifact is to grab whatever is there in AH (Go for the Cheapest).

You can only equip 1 unique artifact per slot ( So you need 12 different type)

Especially for the 12 balance slot, just grab any type and slot it in. Whether it's for physical (Melee/Range Class) or magical (Mage class).

Most economic way and get those 3 set of bonus (That's the main focus actually).



Unless you are very rich in adena,  and willing to spend hundred of billions on artifact.

Then you can just buy artifact just for your class.

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