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When will finish this nightmare of Vitality System?

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Seriously, im h24 exp and even during this event im 107 dagger good geared but i do like 6% in 24 HOURS NO STOP.


i decided to dont buy anything more, dont buy prestige, it's totally wasted moneys and times if u dont have vitality.


ah and dont say u can buy potion, u cant use 100 pots per day to stay in vitality coz it will have a HUGE cost.


Really, resurrect this game and system DEAD. People have to be attracted to start play here and stay.

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(i forgot to say that i was a good spender, but prospective with this hard gamelife is too far to take, so i stopped to finish wasting of moneys. Even is useless if u take a good item and after speed of farm/exp is almost same coz depend pretty BY LEVEL PVE PENALITY SYSTEM).

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The first day of the event it wasn't that bad. With some vita pots + prestige + 200% 1 week rune I was saving for this type of event I managed to get 20% at 108 on 3 toons respctively.

Now 4 days later it has become unplayable and progressively I am making less and less with more struggle and many deaths during afk grind because the ISS stops buffing or I get 5-10 sec lag spikes out of the blue.

I can barely complete the solo daily dungeon with my melee, Storm gives me almost half the adena and IT is a nightmare taking me over 40min to complete.

Even though I still made 55% at 108 in 4 and a half days I am kinda butthurt I activated the 200% 1 week rune before they announced the upcomming server upgrade on April 7th. 
Could probably make a lot more exp, even double that on some instances.

Well, I knew where I was getting myself into before starting this game, NCwest 😸

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