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Lag. Disconnection. Launcher login error problems

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Pls call robert irvine from restaurant impossible cuz we have lag impossible to play, why xp event if we cant play, even without vit thats made this event a fail, now we cant xp out of vit mode cuz lag, 4 seconds between skills,  no sense, pls fix lag, impossible lag to play

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No my First time  having lag in this server but  this time is  freaking bad,, plz  do something even to make Catilla is  a challenge now.. my evi take  about 2 sec to hit and  some times even stop .

this is affecting everybody I am surprise no  many are complaining here.....

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Nice you guys post a topic and not let anyone post to it.  But when you get to the server select screen it does not allow you to go into any server even ones label normal like the classic servers.  I had an ongoing ticket that no one in your tech support can resolve for over 2 months and it comes go and don't matter what laptop or PC it is or what I do with my internet its a server side issue because my PC connects to your update servers, accepts my login password but does not allow me into a server.  So that is obviously a YOU problem not a ME problem.

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Ok here I did your troubleshooting for you.

If you select the Chronos server it will not allow you into any other server there is an issue with your Que programing not working so it puts someone in a log in cycle.'

WHAT YOU need to do is shut down the chornos server hard reset it and the que with it and then bring it back up.  Please let me know where to send my consolidation fee bill to.

Your welcome.

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Hi gm 

I got lag and disconnection people tell in game lag dc problems in game. 

I have launcher error. And when login disconection in 5- 10 min in instances

Launcher error failed to log in. Please try again later(0)

This start when server updapte

Thank you!


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  • Hyunkel changed the title to Lag. Disconnection. Launcher login error problems

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