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i can't log on chronos!


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hello everyone. 

i red about the same problem from other players, thing is i can't log the game, after i start game , accept terms ,  when i choose server chronos i can't go on clicking on it, nothing happen.

it usually in the past told me to wait in queque but the screen stays on that picture of chronos server  where is written OK and nothing happen, neither queque message, or any error, just stays like that forever. 

 i tried to uninstall and reinstall but it keeps getting the same thing.

i don't have virus or malware.

i contact support and they made me install 3 program to scan my pc, the fact is, that isn't my pc but for sure something about the server itself, cos they didn't give me a solution.  

it is from 2 days that i can't play.

please, fix this, as soon as possible.  we are loosing exp bonus event and is annoying having those problems.


P L E A S E . 




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Line forms to the left apparently they are just going to ignore the problem and hope we go away.

If you can log in to ever server but Chornos the problem is pretty obvious to everyone so can we just get the server taken down reset and put back up?

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On 4/5/2021 at 11:15 PM, CantTouchThis00 said:

Happy news, I was having this problem yesterday but today the Waiting Queue is back and all is well again. And I did nothing, except take a day off from L2. I think the same will happen to you guys. 

Yes, same to me. I did  Exactly nothing, and  After 2 days i could log back...... O.o

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