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Ultimate Tyrr Titan Guide

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Ok guys, best setup for skill critical damage path should be something like this, at least from my understanding, wich is always improving:

+8/+10 R110 light set. (10 % skill cooldown) + 5% Skill Power(Light set bonus) vs 5% P.Skill critical damage(Heavy set bonus).

+5 Radiant Warrior circlet ( +10 P.Skill critical damage, +7% Patk, +5% P.Skill Power,+50 Attribute,+5 STR)

Lv2 Heir Radiance PVE/PVP (Stats + Patk and later PVE/PVP dmg)

+5 Dragon Rind Leather Shirt(Stats + Pdef + 3% Cooldown)

Dragon Slasher (30% P.Skill critical damage + 30% P.Skill critical rate +500 Attribute + Patk)

+5 Superior Brooch (stats + Patk trigger)

Greater Ruby, Greater Red Cat's Eye, Greater Aquamarine(cooldown), Greater Opal, Greater Emerald,+ 1 G tanzanite/G Diamond etc, opal can be 5 and you can change Emerald too but the 1st 3 and opal 5 are essencial.

+5 superior Kaliel Bracelet ( stats +7% patk/pdef/mdef) or +11 Lucien's Bracelet(event) (+10% Patk)

Insanity, Sayha(8+), Venir 12+, High-grade talisman Skill cooldown(30days), High-grade talisman Skill Power(30days), High-grade talisman Attribute attack(30days), endgame get Heavenly and epic talismans. Abundace 4 is good for PVP or Raids in PVE but item skill isn’t stackable with Sayha taliman.

+5 Seed Bracelet lv 4 (Patk, 5 slots)

+8 Aires, +8 Cancer, +8 Leo, +8 Taurus and improve from this. Some Greater agathions give Skill Power(Greater Virgo +5%) or skill Cooldown(Greater Pisces -3%) when enchanted to +5 so keep it in mind.

+5 unique Artifact Book(Atributte attack + Critical modifiers)

Balance Patk, Balance Skill Crit Dmg, Balance Skill Crit rate, Balance Pdef, At least +4

Attack Skill Power, Attack Skill Crit Dmg, Attack Patk, At least +4

Defense Pdef, at least +4

Balance Attribute attack  + Balance Attribute Defense + Balance P. Skill Power +11%

Rullers lvl 1 (+8% dmg - 9% dmg)

Enchanted Sigil (+2% Patk)

3x Lv5 Legendary dyes for +15 STR +15 DEX +12 CHA, +1% Patk.+1% P.Skill Power, +1% P.Skill Crit dmg


2 x +15-20% P.Skill crit dmg rings(+3++ Dragon ring(Potential lvl3 +5 all stats) // +10 Fallen Angels ring // +10 Angels Ring etc)

+12 Atlas Earring

++8 Angels earring // ++3 Dragon Earring(Guardian lvl3 -5% Dmg)

Frintezza Soul Mind(-13% Cooldown) // Blessed Valakas Mind(-13% Cooldown) // +10 Angels Necklace(-15% Cooldown) // +3 Dragon Necklace(Battle lvl3 +5% dmg)

Augments on epics for P.Skill crit rate/dmg

Circlet Augment +5 PVE dmg or -5% PVP

Brooch Augment +5% P skill Power / +5% Patk

Weapon Augment +20% Skill Crit dmg / +15% dmg / +15% Skill power  

Armor Augment 5x +1-3% Patk / +50 Attribute  

Homunculus Luminous Nymph or Luminous Ayri

Sonic Star/Infinity Strike enchanted on Break(high base skill crit Rate)

Eruption enchanted on Power/Chance

Hurricante Storm enchanted on Focus

Jump Attack enchanted on Range

Frenzy, Berserker, Brave Spear, Furious Slasher enchanted on time

Second wind, Spitir of the Slayer enchanted on Might(patk)

On a side note, If you really want to  have fun with this, you really have to level up you toon, regardless of class. Level is one of the most important aspects of the game. Also get some friends to play along. Enjoy.


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On 4/9/2021 at 5:54 PM, xQuiuvat said:

nice, so just need 7 tri to make it :)

Well you are correct but i just stated all items to aim to, and some are more important than others. Anyway i am just sharing information and my take on the subject, take it as you want.

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