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They should to change work.... 3 ideas for the future, i think these ideas can help you to find the right job; obviously you aren't enough skilled to handle the situation here , maybe because you are bored, maybe because you can't ...who knows.....and no one cares..:

go to sell hotdog... you can sell it easily at low price and u can do an hotdog with what meat you want, so you can keep your "scam karma"

try to write a book : " Lineage 2 the promise game that only make promises: play it i promise you'll have fun"

you can do the beggar ..you shouldn't take it as an offense.... right now, to play this game  and give you some $/€ is like to do the charity, we pay for a game without services at all, without any type of support and now is obvious without any technical capacity from Ncsoft.


If i have more ideas i'll tell you for sure.

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