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keeping ANOTHER day with this UNBELIEVABLE atk.lag same yesterday ???


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@Jujiand @hemii'm guessing that the Dev team spends no time at all monitoring this game.  Any "Company" that has paying costumers and are aware of a problem would, and i'm assuming, monitor the issue and attempt to fix the issue as its happening. This is not at all what we "consumers" are seeing from NCSoft. Your "move to improve" has fallen so far from an improvement that we the consumers don't really know were to go from here. Do we just mass quit? Do we find another game until you do something about this games current state? Or do we just watch as the game dies by self inflicted wounds. For those of us that actually post to voice our grievances let me say that we are currently in that moment of truth. Dead game so leave, or suffer in silence. Let us see how this plays out.  

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