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15/04 - Server Unplayable


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@Juji and @hemi heres a thought that many have voiced during this lagg fest. During any exp events turn off the mentee system and the ranking system. Consider asking the Dev team about this option, because i'm going to assume that you can't  really do a damn thing about this lagg other than "ask the Dev team nicely".  I actually don't know of any Company that gets this many complaints from its consumers that do nothing and i mean nothing to fix the issue. 

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This is definitely not fair.

This is a game but there is real investment (money), so people are being penalized in the form of invested amounts. As a prestige rune, destiny pack, rare pack, cake pack, vitality etc ... So it is necessary a feedback from the staff of this game about the current state of the server.

The game is unplayable. Many complaints in the forum, within the game, something needs to be done, every hour and every day that passes we are losing money and time.

What will be the compensation for the lost values? What will be the compensation for lost time? what will be the action to solve the problem?

We have already seen that RR the server does not solve, server migration seems to have worsened the game.

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