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Prestige Pack Subscription failed to renew

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Expired and didn't automatically renewed .

I tried to cancel subscription and re-purchase it . Order complete but i didn't received mail - didn't receive code to activate .

This maintenance seems that bring more problems than it solves . 

Really pathetic game support for 2021 knowledge . Developers must consider that if you want to milk the cow you have to feed it first . 

Corona Virus - help the game to revamp - developers doing their best to destroy it . Server Lag  ( mellee - skill ) compensation - dc event etc .


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Good evening  Luumi .

I have already contact with customer support .

They told me to check with bank etc etc and the problem is from my side . I am working there  . My credit card and my bank account is fully functional . 

First time in my life I see customer support blaming the player for their providers same issue happen with the latency problem-   please check internet provider ( I am playing with 100mbps connection ) Nobody told me that Lineage2 Requires PC and Connection from NASA  and SpaceX.

I am not the only one with this problem already 2 members from my clan have the same issue with me .

Ah and don't forget the compensation


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is always someones fault. when i use a diffrent card i always have the same error. i have to make a ticket and wait for at least 4 hours for someone to see, then they sent an auto response mail and then they sayis your paypal and then they overwrite it soooo pros there

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Same here....Y get the money and no prestige pack 20 days now...Nothing wrong  with my card,credits or bank....And dont tell me to contact with  support cause 20 days i try to solve this problem...Y  replay every 2 days and still y dont admit that y get the  money....And on EV  teleport still  Erthia classes cant jump...

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1 hour ago, Bolota said:

Yep. Pay x in return of y. You dont get y but you lost x. Facepalm

Please explain your logic as to how this is a scam? This is just NCSOFT being themselves and not testing how a migration would impact subscriptions. A simple recurring subscription that wasn't actioned. It has nothing to do with a scam.

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  • 5 weeks later...

So i bought the prestige Pack last night..failed..and they fix my payment account..after they fix it..the item wont show up in any email..and i see a subscription on my account for the prestige pack..and i mail the support again..and some one from the support named Skaarf said 


After reviewing your account, I was unable to locate a successful Prestige Pack purchase. That being said, could you please try purchasing again? 

We look forward to your reply.


NCSOFT Support Team

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14 minutes ago, Lorinia said:

Yes..and they cancelling it today..for the starts at 20 May 2021 end at 20 may 2021..i dont have any idea..i just enough then..

Seems like there's a bit of a language barrier here but what I'm getting doesn't sound quite right. The code should last 30 days, which means you should have 30 days to apply it to any character in that account on either server. Then once you've applied the code you claim the packs from the dimensional merchant and once you open those packs (which don't expire while they are at the dimensional merchant), then your runes start counting down until they expire 30 days after the packs were opened (not when the code was applied). Unused codes expire on the dates indicated at the site but in my experience they'll offer to refund or replace the expired subscription packs.

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I cancelled mine also because it wouldnt renew until after old one expired and I had to manually go apply new pack anyways...wish it just renewed automatically and showed up while i was playing in the dim merchant.

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