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shadow of the mother tree

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this spot is a lvl 104 hunting zone  

but nobody farms there

the mobs ar to strong 

why not  lower the stats of those mobs  and make the zone 105  pt farm zone

we need more 105 zones and 107 zones

most of the time everything is full  with players

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3/4 of the map is not suited for most players (mobs are in ridiculos lvls), we can t even kill monsters our lvl... we need strong gear to play solo!, the crafting system was destroyed,  we dont ve raid bosses.... or even QUESTs ( YOU EVEN ERASED LITTLE WINGS!!!!) and the list goes on. Little by Little people is being replaced by boxes from strong old players because all the changes made in the server kills the opportunity for new players. In this last change its obvios that if a new player want to join, that player will need to pay for gear. I understand that the server needs money to run, but this kind of changes only makes the game smaller... and a lot of ppl will be moving to illegal servers.

Since I returned back from my 10 years  old break from playing, I can say this: Please Look back and return Lineage 2 to its former glory. The game we have now is just a chat for  our "heroes".

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