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Question for prices - New Player - What can I buy with this amount of adena


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Hello everyone,
I started before a week after a friend stoped from the game and he'll give me some millions of adena to play.
Since I have no idea about the prices, I'd like to make a Question.

I have Spellhowler. Actually I'm Dark Wizard now because I'm trying to level up 3-4 chars at the same time.
Some rumors say that I can wear even A-Grade without Penalty at my 20+ levels.

My friend told me that he will give me 40kk to 60kk but really I have no idea how much exactly and if these adena are enough for my start or it's nothing.

What can I buy with 40kk to 60kk right now?

Can I buy B grade Weapon? (SA or not?)
Does the weapons continue have Special Ability (ex Acumen?)
Can I buy B grade Armor?
Can I buy at least A Grade Armor?

Can I compine these money to buy B Grade Weapon + B Grade Armor?
I saw in the shops some Avadon Sets at 17kk but UNSEALED. Is it easy to Unsealed right now?

I'm not interested for Jewelries right now, I can keep up XPing/FARMing with D grade Jewels.

SO, how can I spend these amount of money (50kk+-) to keep farming?


Thank you a lot for your time

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