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Buffs for support classes

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If VR for DDs is basically healing them for their entire HP every few hits, making support classes pretty much unnecessary for solo areas and in some cases party areas for stacked toons, we need equivalent(s) for defensive classes.

Ideas (incomplete and mutually exclusive):

Counter Attack (Tanks):

  • Every time you get hit, there is a chance to counter attack with with X power added to your patk.
  • Suggested power value: about the same as regular single target skill of tanks.
  • Suggested chance: ~25% at max level.

Taunt (Tanks):

  • Aura/active skill that makes enemies attack faster.
  • The effect will increase overtime or stack if we choose active skill route.
  • This kind of overlaps with power provoke, so maybe exclude this but the idea is it synergizes with "Counter Attack" skill above.
  • Suggested attack/casting speed increase: 5% increments, up to 50%.

Revenge (Tanks):

  • When you get hit, a counter builds up. The counter decays over time.
  • When counter reaches various stages, you can unleash the stored energy as an AoE attack centered around tank.
  • Suggested power: about same as sonic star.
  • 2 possible mechanisms for building up counter:
    • By hit count
      • Effective against targets that hit softly, so more for XP use cases
      • Can possibly be abused by having a tank with celestial shield/UD and a huge train
    • By damage
      • Effective against all situations, i.e. PvE, Bosses, PvP
      • Need to consider the AoE skill's cooldown
      • Need to think of how to scale this, as tanks are meant to reduce damage taken, so increasing their defenses will weaken this skill.
    • By damage mitigated
      • pdef and/or shield blocks have the damage mitigation calculated
      • I think this is most in line with the idea of tanks

Rally (ISS):

  • When attacking, there's a chance for short (5-10s) buff(s) being given to party members.
  • Suggestion for buffs:
    • patk
    • pcrit damage
    • p skill crit damage
    • m crit damage
    • pdef
    • mdef
  • Possibility of changing "stances" that would generate different buff effects:
    • Physical offensive
    • Physical defensive
    • Magical offensive
    • Magical defensive
  • Need to evaluate whether this is party only or can be attained for soloing, initial thought is for it to be available for solo as well.

Mimic (ISS):

  • Copy a skill by a party member at a certain chance
  • This can be tricky as there are various different skills that can be used, sometimes the timing is important and sometimes it will be detrimental to party
  • Probably a no-go, but putting it out there anyway.

Helping Hand (ISS):

  • Active skill
  • For every party member that's attacking, the iss generates a clone that initiates one single target attack on the enemy debuffing them
  • Debuff: same as crippling attack
  • Cooldown: same as assault crash
  • This is useful for PvP where your party is spread out, also some extra damage that scales to # of party members.

Lakcis Disc (Healer):

  • Currently this skill is useless
  • Keep it as a toggle that consumes MP, consider adding an increased mp cost to all skills when on.
  • When healer uses a skill, the disc will repeat the skill casted at a certain percentage.
  • Suggested chance: 25-50%.
  • This is useful for all situations, and if healer can manage their MP it would be hugely beneficial.

Fatal Bonds (Healer):

  • Complete rip off from DOTA2
  • Debuff target and nearby targets so that a portion of damage taken is also dealt to linked enemies.
  • Might as well rip off the percentages: between 12% to 24%
  • Consider whether we want to discount AoE damage from this, as calculations resulting from it would be lead to an infinite loop; alternatively consider having a reduced effect for AoE damage that's only calculated a single time.
  • This is useful for healer who may want to solo, it also greatly assists single target damage dealers.
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