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A little more spicy (adena)

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The experience in game has been great in a few hours, but the adena drop does not cover the costs in a party of 7.

Please a little more spice to the soup, it doesn't taste like that.

- Yes we all know about bots, but guys, it really doesn't cover costs.



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Im agree!

Also, the adena drop in certain areas is not equivalent to the mobs lvl... For example, patriots and witch give almost the same adena even when the difficulty is really different.

I thing bots and adena sellers keep the business running because of this inbalanced adena drops, keeping the good spots for themselfs and almost forcing everyone to buy adena outside the game... for casual players like me that invest only $30-$50 per month (events), is sad to see how everyone buys adena instead of investing on ncoins

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