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Healer That Deals "Some" Damage!


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As crazy as it sounds I switched to healer main during the current event.  Just wanted to share some thoughts about my experiences so far.

First off I switched to help my clan out and I joined a CP which needed a healer.  I was a 115 Tyrr and wanted a change.  I directly switched all the gear I was able to and bought/sold other stuff as needed.  I wanted to see if I would be able to heal, contribute some damage, and solo if necessary so I went SE.  We are almost exclusively PvE so PvP didn't factor into my decision.  

It's hard to guess where my gear falls on the spectrum so let's say I am roughly a 900b toon (could be more with the crazy inflation).  I have a +16 Limited Buster and other gear which would correspond with that type of weap.

With Rose I have 2.3m M.Attack.

In Ketra/Varka I leave Inquisition on and just rotate AOE/heal/AOE/heal/AOE.  No MP problems what so ever and no skill delays either.  I realize it's not crazy damage but I crit the mobs for 40k~ and 100k+ with procs/BR up.  

Soloing In FoW I clear the mob groups easily (green mobs) and I'm sure it will be the same in Sel Mahum.  Field mobs die in one M.Crit so I "3-shot" them (1/3 crits).  This sounds bad but healer nukes have virtually no down time.  I've been in a group most of the XP event so haven't had a whole lot of time to tinker around solo but I'm not really worried about it if I have too. 

I can also do k115; it takes a fair amount of time but it's not challenging at all.  

Anyway; just thought I share this in light of all the despair surrounding the class.     

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