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2017 NCSOFT (Japan) Great Thanksgiving Day Live Broadcasting


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NC - Japan live talking about some updates right now at : 

The l2 Conference starts around 3h15 , and have a fast 18 minutes talking about updates (Elemental bosses is in da house????) and CM Alai is there ," idk why nc have negative likes on stream too", ppl complain in chat about same things that ppl complain here, bt have faith guys.

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Those Elemental Bosses at 3:12:11 are from Lineage 2 Classic:

For all the Classic enthusiasts: That's what they do to Lineage 2 in Classic!


At 3:23:18 they are talking about the "Tower of Challenge". I am not sure whether this is just an event or actually a new update scheduled for January 10 (Japanese is one of the languages I don't speak), but it seems to be a mix of first eliminating monsters, then other players, and at the end getting new equipment. Everybody keep an eye on the NCJapan website:


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