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LF Disabled Players macro tips

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Hi L2 community,

I've been playing for a long time with a case of  MD and now our dev's allow really intense macros.

I am looking to bring back L2 gaming like I used to with EVERYONE and no one could tell I was struggling to click the keys now I can hardly use both hands. But I can use keys  f1 to f4.. I like playing live and  click keys but I am easily PK'ed and can't pvp with out wimping out and kick out on a BSOE.  I love the pvp so I want to die fighting lol and i do die good.. as us old DE SE's do..

There was a fantastic player that played by mouth stick years ago and L2 had a player spotlight on them. 

So I feel there might be hope for me.

So anyways any macro tips or hardware ideas are totally welcomed :) 



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Hi, so what class are you playing? 'us old DE SE' suggests it's Aoere Shillien Saint, but I had a look at your previous posts and you mentioned feoh.

I'm not sure if it helps, but the first things I can think of are:

 - If you're running somewhere with a party and you want to set auto follow on a party lead (usually 1st on the list) make a one line macro /target %party1 (you need to either hold the key or right-click on it if possible to loop it)

- if you're an Aoere and want to quickly heal yourself, or use any other skill on you make a macro /target %self and optionally add skills in the remaining lines

- if you're a feoh, for pvp use Magical Charge and Evasion as often as you can, it's annoying to your opponents. so for example the sequence below might be fun (I use it for Castilla on my feoh)

/useskill elemental spike

/useskill updraft destruction

/useskill elemental burst

/useskill elemental storm

/useskill magical charge

/useskill updraft destruction

/useskill elemental burst

/useskill elemental storm

/useskill magical evasion

(/useskillforce for pvp)

I'm not sure how MD affects your control of the mouse and if you can quickly target the opponent or activate Mana armor, if that's an issue you can try adding  Mana armor to the beginning and end of your macro (if does not work as /useskill, try /useshortcut instead)

If it's mass pvp, go for an assist option

/target %party1


/useskill updraft destruction


Good luck and have fun in game :)

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Honest and I do no think NCSoft will mind with your situation is invest in a programable mouse/keyboard combo.

Since you cannot really type but can use a few keys this should be able to allow you to program the macros to or skills to appropriate keys to allow a semi quick reaction time even in some intense pvp.  It won't be perfect but I would say it is workable with modern tech.  I will be honest even being fully functionable with or without macros, so people are just going to one hit you regardless its the way L2 is now lol

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