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Need Some Tips About Next Upgrade For My Tyrr Dread

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Hey guys,  i am actually playing dread and was wondering what is the best setup for pve on him

Going for P.skill build since it seems to be the best to not rely on autos, so i have a few question about it

Im getting a R110 bloody weapon +12 soon, what element i should use, and why ?

i already have an elmore +7 and radiant circlet, about the jewelry,  what would be best upgrades on a budget (cant spend 20b on each pieces :( )


Thx for everyone that read and can help :) 

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Based on my experience, not to choose earth or dark because more mobs are these elements, and for the rest, I don't think the difference is very big. (I prefer holy or wind, because these 2 are againts dark or earth :D)

for jewelry, the basic set up is ruby, red eye, opal, emerald, diamond (or aquamarine). the higher level the better. Focus on ruby, red eye and opal first and make them Lv4. and then unless you have lots lots of adena later, forget upgrade gewelry, and focus on other items, like (artifact, seed bracelet)

Try to save adena and buy items directly from other, DO NOT TRY DIY, becasue it is a very very bad gamble ATM!!!


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