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Restricted Site account and Perma Ban in-game Account

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As the title says this is a regarding a ban that came after a ticket for restricted account on site to buy Ncoins.
Character name BornToBeHealer is part of our CP and he was recently perma ban from the game because he made a ticket to remove restriction from site account to be able buy ncoins.
All of our cp tried to contact support by making tickets regarding the issue but all of us got the same automatic reply "we will investigate" "after investigation account found to be part of a violation".
What kind of support gives that answer to a guy that have spend 3 years of supporting ncsoft and the game with real money?
And what kind of violation did he do? The guy doesnt even uses adrenaline in this server and he doesnt even have any farm bots or trains and you perma ban him?
What sort of guy takes such a decision without even bother to have a look on his in-game history? I mean you perma ban a guy who is totaly legal because he follows "illegal" players?
BornToBeHealer must be the most legit player in this server and this is how you repay him back? After all this support all this years?
Not even @Jujireplyed back on this matter even if we "fire" him with messages! Thats unacceptable banning a player that was always legal for Terms and conditions violation. What violation? Explain so why can figure out.
If people that working on support doesnt know how the game in been played or dont know their jobs its not our problem. The auto ban way doesnt work properly and you need to figure this out cause the game is being more and more annoying and you destroying the whole community by making players random get ban for no f@cking reason. And you dont even accept any reply or discussion about the matter like you are always right and shit. WHAT THE  ACTUAL bleep?

We spend all our free time and money in here and we deserve a better treatment, more polite ways to communicate.

With this ticket i would like to request to investigate the whole issue as pros and not as 20year old kids that dont give a bleep regarding the players and the game and remove the perma ban from in-game player BornToBeHealer


Ticket number: 23694385

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Unfortunately, the forums are not the appropriate place for this problem. Only Customer Support can help you. We will be closing this thread as discussing actions taken on an account is prohibited on the forums.


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