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GM'S why do we have a forum and our discussions to improve the game will not be answered?

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analyzing all the topics of the classic lineagi forum it is visible that the complaint in common is very simple makes the game playable I understand that the company NCSOFT is not a philanthropic company but needs to make a profit but do not provide free players with a minimum opportunity to get things done and slutty the server doesn’t have a quest even though quest mob is scattered across the map you simply destroyed the anan craft class by placing a randon craft system which in turn is a slot machine because no and sure to come items good does not post quest to have interaction between players farme areas without comments even with several topic tickets on the forum about this didn’t solve the situation until today I opened a tikets # 23698762 questioning about the quest mob since the server has no quest I was directed to the forum which in turn is abandoned or neglected by the development administration it's time to change offering GM buff on monster track is not the best way out it's time to filter the complaints and make the opinion of the players to be heard

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Friend don't bother writing, they will never reply to you, because they never reply to us ,,, they no longer love L2 and if they reply to you, it will be some of the mediocre replies they told you, "Go to the forum"

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