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Char bot x Char Autohunting

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I come here to raise a doubt.

How many people have a problem with AutoHunting deactivating alone. And these same players have already realized that when this happens our characters are close to a bot. Mine whenever it deactivates is when I'm close to some Bot, or it's a lot of coincidence.

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i never noticed it before. mine deactived sometimes but last few times it happened i was there and the reason why it shut off was due to i was lagging out for some reason. and my toons respanwned on the map the the auto hunt was off

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About bots

Let's be very clear here and frank.

All players have the feeling that Staff agrees with the bots on the server.

Why do we think that?

Very simple. If you are a person, connect in the game and upload a character, you will walk through the server map and perceive bots in different locations. Specific chares, without weapons in hand, using set moom, horse, killing many mobs in Ruins of agony, Abandoned Camp, War torm, among many other places. this has been claimed here numerous times.

And what do we have for answers? A total feeling of being ignored by the staff.

We are tired of talking about these bots, the domination of the map they make, the Pk chares they use to protect their farms. Which leads us to the question, some Pks characters, impossible to be killed, belong to bot owners, and not char players. And with the protection that the Pks have on the server, it seems that the Staff is on the side of the Bots.

About wanting proof of bots, I opened a ticket once complaining about a bot at an event, and asked for proofs, uploaded a video to my youtube, shared the link in the denouncement ticket, answered me with a "Thank you very much and that was being analyzed on the high scale that case "the curious thing is that the video was never viewed (hidden link only me and the staff had the link). What this characterized, that all denunciations are completely ignored.

This week to combine another very serious case. a friend, who has more than 2 computers at home, and can successfully log in to many accounts, took Bam on 80% of the accounts he had. Which accounts did Ban take? Those who were farming in the Bots areas, using autohunting + manner on. But apparently he bothered the bots and had his bills that were farming there for 1 week banned. What it looks like: That the staff banned anyone who bothered the bot farm.

I do not know if the policy applies on NA Server is the same policy applies on other official servers. But I wonder if ncSoft's profit comes only from p2w events or if it comes from tb bots.

which leads me to this reasoning, total abandonment of the forum, and total automation in the denunciations and in the action of ignoring the playrs.

This has been said before, "... illegal servers listen to players more than official servers." they are much more transparent in things.

NcSoft Na, it's time for you to learn to be transparent and really stop ignoring our pains / suggestions / denunciations, because if we are still doing this it is because we believe in the server and the staff, do not destroy it.

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