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Can not login into account on web page

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Since few days I can not log into my account on l2 page.
Page keeps refreshing throu all login pages and after all this I land in login page again.
There is no error or anything, it just asks to log in.

This is kinda funny, since my presige pack ended recently, and day before it I wanted to log in and check out my subscription. I was unable to.
Next day prestige reneved itself, while I am still not able to log in and claim my pack.

Am I the only one with such problem? Is it some kind of shadow ban?

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That happens to me aswell, what helps is to w8 for 5 min or so before the next try.... the web is probably overloaded.

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I had problem for around 5 days at least - I tried different PCs/phone and different browsers. Nothing was working.
Today it started working again.
I guess I had some weird ban

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