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⚠️Server Transfer Registration & Restrictions


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It’s finally back—register for your server transfer on our website. The normal registration period starts at 7 a.m. PDT on Wednesday and ends at 3 a.m. PDT on the following Wednesday before the start of the maintenance where all registered transfers purchased will be processed.

For the time being, server transfers are only available from Chronos to Naia. Transfers from Naia to Chronos will be available after May 19.

Server transfers from Naia to Chronos are now available!

Before you register for a Server Transfer, please consider these details and restrictions.

  • Characters transferring must be at least level 100 to be eligible.
  • Adena limits have been removed (Do not leave Adena in any warehouse)
  • The 30-day restriction on character transfers has been removed.
  • Character warehouse does not transfer, so make sure you take your class cloak(s) with you and remove any other important items from your character warehouse.
  • The following will be transferred along with your character:
    • The character's equipment, level, class and Dual Class (if applicable), race, skills and skill enchantments, quests and their process and quest items
    • Weapons, armor and accessories in a character's inventory
    • Character Macros
    • Limited Time items (XP Runes, Drop Runes, Raid Boss Jewels, etc.)
    • Modified Appearances on weapons and armor
    • Color Titles
    • Marks of Battle
    • Hero Coins
    • Olympiad points and ranking (includes Hero or Legendary Status)
    • Ability points
    • Beauty Shop information
    • Pets (the pet name is reset and any items in the pet's inventory will be deleted)
    • Tattoos, dyes and symbols, and recipes
  • The following will NOT be included when your character transfers to another server:
    • Items in any warehouse
    • Friends list and mail
    • Items on the Dimensional Merchant NPC. Items must be withdrawn and placed in your character's inventory to be transferred
    • Items that are in your pet inventories
    • Mentor/mentee contracts

If you forget to place an item(s) on your transferring character’s inventory, you can cancel your transfer up to 2:59 a.m. PDT of the Wednesday maintenance. Retry options will be available after 7 a.m. PDT on Wednesday.


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