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why cant ertheias race change?

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I wanna know from @Juji or @Hime why ertheias cant race change. i understand that they cant race change when they are eviscerator or sayha seer. but alot of eviscerator's have changed to a different main with the stone of destiny so why cant they race change? it makes no sense . because if ertheias who no longer are evi's or sayha seer as main cant race change they cant switch to a different class for example they cant switch from tyrr GK to tyrr titan because ertheias cant use the chaos of essance . and thats just stupid. i really wanna change my race since iam no longer playing eviscerator and i dont understand why cant. so please explain it to me because it makes no sense

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3 hours ago, lAeolos said:

Kamaels are even older and can´t either... If you choose Ertheia or Kamael and are tired of the same luck too bad for you apparently... @Juji make it posible

at lest kamael can change class with chaos essance . i think its stupid like i said. if you are a sayha seer or a eviscerator then i understand 100% but when your neither of them then it makes zero sens

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  • L2 Team

We cannot offer the race change for Ertheia at this time until we have fully tested the race change process on Ertheia characters that recently changed their main class to a new one using the Stone of Destiny. The Eviscerator/Sayha's Seer skill animations completely broke our characters in previous race change tests, so we want to make sure these issues have been fixed before we can add Ertheia to the race change service.



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