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13 hours ago, Rahliah said:

I think this being implemented would be nice but instead of dropping any random item you're wearing would be on a timer for a 1 day or something not being able to use it. This would solve people abusing the PK system and also solve the problem with players dropping high ticket items for the crazy dollar amounts they go for. I think it could work with the proper settings. 10 pks = 1 day, 1 item, 20 pks = 2 days, 2 items so on and so forth. I think with a plan like this it would also be scalable for those who have multiple weapons and gear to cycle through.

In addition there needs to be a way to remove all of your PK's as well. If you rack up 20-30 PKs trying to teach PK players a lesson it takes more than a week removing them.... This needs resolve as well.

I have a slight change to offer: Disabling Exalted gear(all Exalted items w/gold icon moved to inventory for 1 week), 10 PKs = 1 week using only Paulina's equipment(or REAL tradeable Weapons/Armor) at least you might recognize the equipment, when you get PKd... generic Exalted no clan PKers you have no clue who they are. there are so many other items I don't think they can implement your idea for all of them, but maybe some key TOP items?

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Most importantly , We shouldnt get debuff -30% defense and map exploit so details, Normally What other games does is, they only explore pk location by telling in world chat but not marking the map, is very rude for pk and very hardly for pk to survive? 

And we pk is not for abusing the player, but some player just get too cocky of themselves for ksing the spot  and no manners, what to do? only choices pk .

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