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Unbalance penalty for disconnect/critical error on Olympiad


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People always have problem with disconnect or critical error of the game.

It’s because – internet / electric / wrong way from game, etc...


In Olympiad (some people only play for this part of game) if you get same issue its big misbalance.


Every month have 4 or 5 weeks Olympiad. 1 week = 25 fight. The more points the harder it is to earn them.

That mean on 3rd week as usual half fight with basic people not high geared will give to you 3 pts.


At the beginning of the third week I had 1372 PTS with result 50 win – 0 loses.

I got disconnect before match start https://c2n.me/4c2r6xp.jpg

After 14 fight without loses I had 1427 PTS. https://c2n.me/4c2r10k.png

After 1 disconnect I got 1355


That mean – after 14 winning I stay lower PTS before even start?! When I win 3-4 pts or vs top people 10 I lose 72 because one issue?

It is unacceptable. I think this is a gross mistake in the mechanics of the game.


Disconnect or critical error its technical issue and not always its problem player. This issue must decrease points but with limit 20 pts.

1 same issue it’s almost lose hero competition.


We need limit for penalty 20 pts.  I have understanding game mechanic well and this pts enough for make fair game.


Why not 10? Because if lower for example people can abuse it (if play vs strong opponent with lower pts and just re login).
Why not 15? 15 its still close but possible.

Why not more than 25? No way lose same pts without another abuse etc. And its already so high pts for same problem.


Many people every month have same issue and same penalty with high pts make impossible Olympiad game.

We lost last month with critical error legendary status and hero.

Forum its one from way how to try fix this problem, that why I did same topic.








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