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Hey all,

So started playing today and have chosen to go down the Tyrr Titan path as i used to play a Destroyer. I did however have a few questions as much has changed and i never really got to endgame or the higher levels when i last played.

I am currently working through my 100 Quest line and am currently using Paulina's gear and will be working towards my Exalted quests once  i get to that point, but after doing a lot of searching on Youtube and these forums and looking for a clan to help show me the ropes and learn the game i am still a little unsure on some of the basics. Most of what i have found simply lists specific items with bonuses and enchants but i am still very new and unsure how these work and what the differences are etc, so will be working on learning all of the above as time goes on.

My two main concerns right now are;

1. I'm not quite sure what my upgrade path should be in terms of armor/gear and specifically my weapon. I plan on initially spending not a whole lot of money as will focus on farming but will be putting a little in to get me a small boost in the early game. What items/gear and specific weapons should i be looking at through the market and auction house? (From what i understand there is no penalty for equipping R100 or R110 items while still being below that level?)

2. I plan on spending a fair amount of time farming and obviously questing/levelling, but am unsure as to what my macro should be. Currently i have my important self buffs set to Auto Cast but for Active/Combat skills at the moment i am using; Auto-Hunting /w Short Distance and my macro starts with /Attack, Followed by all my single target attacks so as not to engage too many mobs and get myself killed. As follows below;


/useskill Force of nature

/useskill Armor Destruction

/useskill Mega Strike

/useskill Power Bomber

/useskill Hurricane Blaster

I am safely assuming this is wrong and not  ideal and was hoping someone with more experience could guide me with a basic Macro i should be using while i am still learning the game and doing my early levelling and farming.

If there are also any guides or information regarding gear and the sorts that i have missed, Please feel free to share the link in the comments.

Thank you!

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Still looking for suggestions and help on this.

I currently bought the Blessed Light Armor Pack  and am using;

- Blessed Exalted Light Armor +6

- Blessed Exalted Circlet

- Blessed Exalted Earrings (MP Consumption / Vampiric Rage)

- Blessed Exalted Rings (Critical Rate / Critical Damage)

- Blessed Exalted Necklace (Skill Cooldown)

- Enhanced Exalted Slasher

- Istinas Shirt +3

- Commando Belt

- Lv2 Ruby, Emerald, Diamond Pearl

- Talisman - Destruction

- Venir's Talsiman - Level 1

- Talisman - Longing

- Sayha's Talisman

- +4 Leo Agathion Charm

- Artifact Book Level 1


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