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New to the server, LF Clan / Friends


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Hey all, new player here!

So started playing today and have chosen to go down the Tyrr Titan path as i used to play a Destroyer,  However a lot has changed and i never really got to endgame or the higher levels when i last played.

I am currently working through my 100 Quest line and am currently using Paulina's gear and will be working towards my Exalted quests once  i get to that point. Most of my time while farming is spent with me looking at my other screen doing research and learning how the game works and what my goals should be over the next few weeks.

I plan on initially spending not a whole lot of money as will focus on farming for initial income but will be putting a little in to get me a small boost in the early game and progress me further.

Ideally i am looking for some friends and/or a clan who is willing to have me and mentor me a little to help me better understand the game and hopefully become a useful assert and player to that clan. I am very active and plan on spending a fair amount of time in the game in the near future and beyond, and i am also happy to answer any questions you may have for me.

Thank you and looking forward to seeing some of you in-game around the world!

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