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Game basic and advanced experience

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i would like discuss some basic experience which players dealing for. Several issues were written and this topic summarise some of then to GMs @Juji @Hime @LIME.

For new and low tier players very good asset is exaltec quest with all rewards. Also L2 store promo with blessed exaltec armor etc is good step. No doubt some imrovements with this part of game should be concidering. Some problems in majority of players are always these elementary parts:

1. XP and leveling

2. Gear improvement throught game progression (higher as exaltec)

3. Adena or drop items

4. PvP/PvE

5. Events

6. Fun

7. Others

1. XP and leveling: Many players complain that leveling is hard. Is true but L2 always was hard game. Phylosophy to bring XP promotion several per years is good. With XP rune, potion promo actions the leveling is not so hard. We can only discuss how often the promo should be to have balance. Problem what I see are that you deleting not used promo items, that we have several different promo items that not stack. To the future is better have less items with combined effectes as several items with partial efects. For example 1 item that boost all Vitality efects, another boosted damage and XP gain etc.

2. Gear: I focusing on R110.  For regular players problem is expensivity to make, or upgrade R110.  Crafting is almost death, drop only from chests with low chance and from location that regular players can not go due low dmg. Or of course from bosses. This is only income for our markets where people can buy it, if have adena.  When we have armor/weapon/accesory, of course, we want enchanting it ++. With this ridiculous LUC system enchanting is very poor for regular player, and need several try that cost a lot of adena or real money. Specially if i pay 20 bilions for some enchant that failing 6x in raw is very pity and paining. Rates are very low even for these very expensive items. Specially when we need nice 15++ R110 limited weapon to be ably kill mobs in location suitable for character level. But reality is that people are forced to XP in location far lower as their level due to low gear. Also auguments are needle in ass. To many useless and pathetic options (50 or more is nonsense).  Income of augument stones is very low and therefore expensive.

Event and promo items is another story with high prices with chance. We want less gamling evemts (can remain for this that want) and more full items with reasonable prices. Also items that we can enchanting to +10 with droping to 1 or destoing when failing is not good. This item should  have save enchant stages for example +3 +6 +9 below that cannot drop if failing.


3. Ingeneral adena income in some location is good. I look on another things as daily instance rewards. Rewards from every instancies like baylor, kamaloka, helios, etina etc is riddiculous. You hardly find online games where rewards are so pathetic. 1 200 000 aden for 95%? Realy? This must be changed a lot. In game we have some limited items for basic needs. With rune stones we see some progress but what we need are codexes for skill enchantings. Now we can take some from oly but i need 10 months to take 1x master codex 11-20lvl? Ridicculous. We need crystal of dawns. Yes should be drop in PI? Reality once per months? We need more top, rare auguments stones, star sighn, forgoten books, splendor fragments, artefact fragment. All this should be as reward in this instancies with proper rates with adena but at least 50M  not 1,2M . Of course we have these items from events but majority from gambling what is more and more not popular.

4. Pvp for regular players is no option because lack of gear. Oly and chaos is only for well geared players and for jerks that are hiddine all time with 1 winning hit. This is not fun. Good model will be tricky to found. Also PK system with almost no punisment is not good. Also PvE location for simple PvP will be appreciated.

PvE problem is lot of players on same levels that populating same location. In XP event is horrible time to find place. Todays we need more location or XP instancies between 105-112 lvl. Or lowering mobs parameters in some open field location that now is hard for regular players because gear as exaltec is simple low.  We need more location that favorising PARTY XP. We need mechanics for party itself, that force people playing in party. Party XP should be maximal when party have 7 members and when party compose with tank, heal and minimal 2 different dmg dealers. We appreciate some solidarity balanced system, as was in past, but more atractive.

5. Cash events will be always. We need balanced events more for full items not for gamling. We also need event that are more for fun not only kill 1000 mobs and drop 1000 event items. RPG part of game missing at all.

6. Fun. This part is different for every people, no doubt. But more people telling you that daily rutine is boring. Same instance, same time zones every day is boring. This part is closely connecting with events, with castle sieges and with PvP.  More event that brings some story line or funny games with decent not gambling reward should be atractive. Chaos should be rewamp in terms that participant change to same lvl and same gear, same skill grade and only players experience make difficult to win. 

7. Inventory limits. For God please not be stupid and make improvment for main/dual switch inventory limits. Is riddiculous that i must have 94 items maximum for change if i have 170 places. Also we need warehouse slot increasing, also we need option to trash non-tradable items.

Using shots is obsolete, we not need it. Delete it from game and change dmg formula mechanics. Or change crafting thousends of shots for 1 infinity shot.


Best regard


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