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For Wynns, what class do most changed to?

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Got 1.5 days left, want to see if I should stay or change my Wynn.

It turned level 110 already, spend the bucks to get the Ultimate Servitor Burst, which is so crazy powerful - i think this is on top of nothing like it before, I believe it's a new lv.1 lv.110 skill.

P.atk +40%, P.atk crit.dmg +20%, atk spd +20%, p.accuracy +10, p.def +10%, mdef +10%, max hp +25% consumes 40 spirit ores

this wynn is now legit DD @ lv.110.

@Kimanakwhat do you think?    I see you're like the #1 position for Elemental Master, which I am also.

-Kannouteki (GhostintheShell)

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That skill Ultimate Servitor Burst is simply a combination of each Summoners' class specialty into one skill (i.e: critical damage from EM's Greater Servitor Death Whisper, attack speed from AL's Greater Servitor Haste and P.Atk from SM's Greater Servitor Might). As an EM you only benefit from the P.Atk and attack speed bonuses so the difference is not as substantial as for the other two classes that benefit greatly from the +20% critical damage (since it doesn't stack with the other 109 greater skills). I might have considered not switching to another class if it did stack lol. Also, Ultimate Servitor Share is in dire need of a serious upgrade!

7 hours ago, GhostintheShell said:

this wynn is now legit DD @ lv.110.

The hard truth is Lv. 110 is as far as it goes for the servitors and you know what that means.. unless you plan to run around with end game gear the damage your servitors are going to be dishing out is going to go downhill for mobs 112/113 and beyond because of the huge damage penalties for level difference. For example at 108 this is how I'm going Castilla 115. Even if reach 115, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be doing the same thing because I may be 115 but my servitors are still stuck at 110. Castilla 120 is only a pipe dream.. well for me anyway. The flaw with servitors is the fact that they level off skills and no class has any after 110. Not sure if you read this topic, have a look.

So.. you're going to have to make a judgement call really if you want to continue with the class as it is today with inferior levelled servitors as you continue to progress up to 120. It's basically taking a leap of faith at this point and hope (assuming we're not getting the Stone of Destiny ever again) for some kind of improvement around the corner. There is an upcoming major content update in Korea on the 25th, including a new class being added to the Sigel family. There might be a glimmer of hope that there will be at least new class skills beyond 110 to up the level of the servitors. Even then, it might be some time before the export versions see this update.  Otherwise, it's going to be a long painful road up to 120 although I'm guessing with your gear it might not be as painful as for most of us 😋.

As for me, I'm going to switch to Titan just before maintenance tomorrow once I'm done using up the last several hundred thousand beast shots! Personally my choice to stick with this class for over a decade has always been about interest and enjoyment. But the way the servitor mechanics work today, Summoners will never be able to farm as efficiently as the other classes and I've accepted that, but it does suck to have to be forced to make the decision to switch because the game changed but the class didn't. No qualms about bringing it back as a Dualclass or even main if we ever get the SoD again, if things change...

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I used the Stone of Destiny to change from 110 Wynn/Tyrr to  110  Feoh/Tyrr ...

... but ...

On another account, I have a 109/108  Othell/Yul that I rarely play. Given how the Devs sometimes nerf classes only to boost them later, I used the Stone of Destiny for that account to change the character to a 109/108 Wynn/Yul. This account has the old Taurus BR bracelet, as where my main account has the Taurus BR agathion, so I'm not really losing that much if they never do anything to improve Wynn. But if they do, I'll be ready to go.

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