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daily server disconnects


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Why is it that in the past few days I have been getting at least 1 DC for all my accounts or some will disconnect.

I thought changing the server would fix these DCs.


I live in NYC area so it should not be a problem.  My router only disconnects when I restart it and has been on for a week now without missing a connection...


Anyone else having the DC issue

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Since they moved the server and 'upgraded their stuff' we get random DC's every day, sometimes 1 acc sometimes more however rarely all at once (we run 7 accounts on 3 separate machines). We had hoped NC would have been investing in something stable but apparently it's the opposite.

Very sad to see a nice game (we've been playing on and off since the launch 17 years ago) is going to shit because of poor server management.

Just so we're clear, my connection is fine and has not been interrupted so it is purely an NC problem.

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no one   from admins  gms  care about the mass dc enery day  we talk for this many many times  but no answer  from someone 

its a shame  to cant play in OFFICIAL server 


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